Festival Mixology:

We blend one part eccentricity, 2 parts beauty, zest with excitement and passion, mix together with open-minds -- pour into a tall glass of paramount production and we'll have created a Revelus Festival.

Take a trip out of the ordinary and divulge yourself into a world of imagination. With Abstract Festival's ingenious stage design and world-renowned artists, this festival gathers eclectic revelers from all walks of life.
Ideas are born everyday and Invention Massive is the prototype for these ideas. By executing new concepts you can expect to hear fresh sounds that push the limits of modern music.
From the depths of creativity, Radius Festival blossomed into a 2-day event, showcasing high-class talent that pleases all genres in the electronic scene. Focusing on the music, Revelus ensures everyone will find their place at Radius Festival.
Celebrating the birth of Revelus Events, RevelSD detaches itself from the norm and focuses on San Diego, bringing innovative talent from all over the world as well as from right in our own backyard. Infusing state of the art technology and interactive installations, RevelSD has become the EDM paradigm for San Diegans.